Monday, 15 June 2015

Create a magical fairy garden this summer, with the Enchanted Guardians™.

New for 2015, the Enchanted Guardians™ range by Department 56 offers you the opportunity to create your very own fairy garden full of mystical animals and creatures. All of the animals of the Enchanted Guardian Kingdom work diligently to protect and nurture their kingdom which is governed by their Queen Alice. 

Alice the Rabbit Queen is a beautifully sculpted garden figurine with large orange and yellow fairy wings, and daisy flower headband. Alice is a must for your Enchanted Guardians™ Kingdom.

There’s a host of powerful and mystical sprites in the kingdom, including Fritz, Bertram and Fiona. Wonderfully detailed, use them separately or group them together. Coordinate with the magical kingdom entry door stakes, which we just adore! With different styles and sizes to choose from, consider placing these at the base of tree trunks to give the illusion of a magical entry way into another world.
Flying visitors to you kingdom are well caterer for too, with a beautiful designed and themed acorn birdhouse, big enough for a small family whilst several different bird baths will provide the refreshment and bathing they need. Our favourite is the guardian mouse boat bird bath which is shaped like a large floating leaf, and you can imagine the guardian mouse patrolling narrow river streams and lakes protecting the magical kingdom.

Other inhabitants of the enchanted kingdom include Nibbles the Squirrel whose a very resourceful planner and saver, always building up reserves for the long and cold winters. Then there’s Ponder the ladybug shepherd who watches over the bees, spiders, and lady bugs teaching them how to care for the growing seeds.
Bring your completed scene to life with planters and luminaries, and you’ll have the most amazing summer fairy garden! Discover the full range today - click here.


Enchanted Guardians™ photos and logos © Department 56. All rights reserved. is an authorised retailer of Department 56 in the United Kingdom.

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